So for no reason in particular, I've decided to make this journal friends only. If you want into my life, Comment and Ill add you. Maybe ;)
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In light of Coachella...

Ive wanted to make a list of all the concerts that Ive ever been to...not necessarily in this order: (This includes Opening acts)
The Backstreet Boys

The Dixie Chicks

Mariah Carey (Video Shoot)

Good Charlotte/New Found Glory

John Mayer (x3)

Counting Crows


Maroon Five (x2)


Velvet Revolver

Audioslave (tomorrow)

Coachella ;)



Bright Eyes


Snow Patrol


New Order




Buck 65

The Raveonettes :p

The Sexy Magazines

Gang of Four

Shout Out Louds

Donavon Frankenreiter

Oy...so I feel like Im forgetting some...But yeah, I feel quite accomplished with a list like that. All very huge concerts :D And with Coachella going under my belt every year after this...It's just gonna keep on getting better and better ;)
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A Passing Grade :D

Okay so today I went to go get my car smogged so i could but my stupid tags. Whoa as I nervous my car wouldnt pass. It was set up on the DMVs "bad list" therefore I had to go to a test only center. Oy! Took dad with me and thank God! We had fun though, my car PASSED! yeay!!! The real nice guy Bill who checked out my car said it was immaculate :D Yeay for my car. I took a pic of it at the dr.s :) I also uploaded a pic of my new haircut!! woo! hehe Im really growing to love it and even my dad dint say anything about chopping my long hair off :D he liked it. Anyway check out my purtty car and new hairdo Collapse )

Playin in the sand

These are some of the last updates that I will write with Molly being down here with me in california...and also soon, some of the last I will wroite being in Cali. Yesterday Molly and I went to Santa Barbara. We really wanted to go to the beach, so...we went. One of our last trips there for a very long time I would imagine. We had fun though, laid out and went shopping. Well Molly did shopping, I did window shopping. We went into Scavenge and took some new and improved "wig" pictures. LOL and molly liked hers so much that she bought it. hehe Looks real cute on her. Anyway, Im thinking of cuting my hair short again. Really thinking about it... Everyday I just hate my hair more and more, so whts the point? So some guy will think i pretty because I have long hair? I dont think i wanna do that anymore, so...for me. I think Im gonna cut my hair. We'll see what I look lke the next time I see you... ;)

PS Molly and I got tickets to go see Audioslave through 1iota! Yes How fun it will be plus mollys super excited about it yay! And no fears of driving the 405 considereing i ended up on the 101 405 and the 5 last night on he way home from SB...lmao dont ask! I can fuckin drive anything ;)
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11 more days

So...May 13th today. Molly and I just found out poor derek hurt his knee really bad. Not only will he probably not do fire anymore, but hes gonna have a rough time going to vegas. :/ He wont be able to take tuesday of which means he wants to do it on the weekend after. :( I really didnt wnt to because 1. Mollys going to be leaving that weekend and 2. Your 21st is a birthday you have to something the day of. :/ I dunno. We'll see what happens. I think what will end up happening is nothing. Just like all most of my birthdays...
On the bright side, perhaps next weekend we will all be planning a trip to the garment district in LA. Itll be fun times. Were gonna take the metro to get there. That way nobody has to drive and waste gas. Yeay! I wont really have any extra money to spend. But we'll see how things go. Anyway...off to another boring day...
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14 more days...

My Birthday slowly approaches. 21 years old...you remember when you were little and you thought 21 was sooooo old. Yeah, well i guess it is. -sigh- I think 21 will be a good year for me though. Im starting over, not only with a new attitude but with a major change of scenery. Was talking to dad the othe day, rather he was apologizing and he mentioned that mom and him might move to Oregon if i get there and send them pics and stuff i think i could make it happen. I think it would be really good for them. Get those two somewhere where they can afford a really nice house and have plenty extra to live on. I know it would be good for them. I know Im ready to go, thats for sure....
Another journal layout, i did nics all nice and clean looking and I had to change mine, Comment if you like...makes me happy :D
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The Birthday List...17 more days

  1.  The OC mix 4                                     
  2.  Coldplays "A rush of blood to the head" <mines burnt
  3. Money! lmao ;)<mom                                 
    Now Im really gonna stretch to think of things...        
  4. Phantom of The Opera dvd  
  5. New prisma colors...<mom         
  6. Johns Heavier Things tab book (like the rfs one i have)
  7. Gift certificates to joanns 
  8. OH i forgot! I really want a Coldplay vinyl sticker for my car (in a font that looks like coldplays)
  9. Gift Certificate to zizibeh ;)

And I cant really think of anything else...just pick at my brain or ask others. :D Or get me nothing...thats always ok too. (PS boredoms a killer)



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